The Vision

The VISION of the Tana Baru Trust is to transform this sacred sanctuary into a beautiful Garden of Remembrance which every Muslim, nay every Capetonian, could justifiably be proud of.

Visualise for a moment, for those who have been fortunate enough to visit Medinatul-Munowwarah recently, the revamped Jannatul-Baqee cemetery. 

Now visualise the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.

Hold those two images in your mind’s eye. 

Now integrate and enmesh those two images.

What a splendid sight! – contoured pathways, manicured lawns, strategically-placed foot bridges, inscripted benches and a magnificent timbered viewing deck from which Cape Town could be feasted upon in all its glory.

Bear in mind that Cape Town is the cradle of modern South Africa and that Muslims played a pivotal role in shaping and developing Cape Town. Thus a world-class heritage site like the Tana Baru would be of interest not only to Cape Muslims, but to all Capetonians and to South Africans in general. Add to this the international tourist with a particular interest (Malaysia, Turkey, Indonesia and the Middle East) and those with a general interest in history and heritage sites and one can then get a sense as to why visitors would flock to this historic precinct and tick it off as a Cape Town “must see” along with Table Mountain, Robben Island, Kirstenbosch and Cape Point.

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