The Tana Baru Trust wishes to thank ALL for making this event a success

The Details of the Event was as follows :

24th September 2017 co-inciding with Heritage Day

This programme is organised under the auspices of the Boorhaanol Islam Movement
in association with the Tana Baru Trust.

Please scroll down for : Options on Muharram 1439 March Registration

The Route

Muharram 1439 March brochure

Options on Muharram 1439 March Registration :

  1. Go into the Boorhaanol Office at 81 Dorp Street ( Entrance off Almonda Lane) , to get a registration form. Complete it in the office and you will immediately receive your vouchers for the event.
  2. Download the application form [REPLY SLIP 2017 CHILD + UMBRELLA.pdf]  above, complete and email to []. However to get your vouchers and purchase an umbrella you will still need to collect this from the Boorhaanol Office.
  3. Click this link, this will take you to the Boorhaanol Mobical website. You accept the invitation, click on the “Docs” tab and download the registration form. Email this to the office, pay via the online pledge link,   You can then collect your vouchers at the office at your convenience before the event or collect it at the registration table on the morning of the event. Do not forget to bring your proof of payment with you.

Call our office on  021 4237690 if you have any queries.