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08/11/2017General RebortBack Meeting
Informing the muslim community of Cape Town of the work and the activities of the Trust   More

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05/04/2017AMB & Akbar attend UCT student briefing
06/04/2017Akbar leads students on tour guide of Tana Baru and Prayer Quarry
08/04/2017Sat pm.Trustees meet Baariq at CC
24/04/2017AMB and Shaheed Essop attend student presentations at UCT
02/05/2017BK had meeting with Nuha & Ziyaad (Kevin & Sebastian not available)
04/06/2017Monthly Board Meeting Sun 10.30am (BK & SE joined at noon)
Venue : Boorhaanol House, 81 Dorp Street, entering via Almonda Street   More
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